RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.


Suite 2020 – 401 West georgia Street
V6B 5A1


Fax: 604-248-8690


Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

RepliCel is a regenerative medicine company focused on autologous cell therapies that address diseases caused by a deficit of healthy cells required for healing and function such as chronic tendinosis, damaged skin and pattern baldness. The company’s RCT-01 and RCS-01 therapies treat chronic tendinosis and damaged skin using fibroblasts isolated from the sheath of the hair follicle. RCH-01 is another hair follicle derived cell therapy for the treatment of pattern baldness. In all indications, specific cells are isolated, replicated into the millions and delivered back into the patient to reactivate a stalled healing process. These products utilize the company’s proprietary manufacturing and cell expansion platform.

RepliCel is also developing cell injector devices for dermal injections. In addition to addressing the delivery requirements for RCH-01 and RCS-01, they should have applications in many current dermatological injection procedures.