Segra International Corp.



26020 31B Ave

Aldergrove, BC V4W 2Z6 Canada

Phone: (604)284-3204

Member Sector: Genomics/Clinical Genetic Testing

Segra is an agriculture technology company offering innoative services that accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry to better serve society.  The Company’s plant tissue culture and genomics technologies, coupled with an evolved cannabis business ecosystem, empoer its clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk, while exploring the next frontier of optimized cultivation practices for the rapidely evolving cannabis consumer.  Segra is developing industrial-scale laboratories to produce disease-free, robust, and DNA-fingerprinted cannabis plantlets for licensed producers globally.  To support this vision, Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in the fields of agronomy, molecular genetics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance.  Segra currently has ageements with many leading global cannabis producers, including the Canadian licensed products HEXO Corp., Agripharm Corp., and the Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.