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Member Sector: Biopharmaceuticals

viDA Therapeutics, Inc. (viDA) is a platform-based, biotechnology company developing first-in-class therapeutics based on our recent discovery of a new mechanism of action for a well-characterized protease target, Granzyme B (GzmB). This emerging science is leading to new treatments in impaired tissue repair, fibrosis, inflammation and aging and is pivotal in understanding the underlying causes of diseases affecting vasculature, skin, musculoskeletal and potentially neurological systems. GzmB, one of a family of five serine proteases known as granzymes, is now emerging as a key target for drug development given recent discoveries of its extracellular actions, providing a clear distinction from GzmB’s intracellular role in apoptosis. We are developing a library of granzyme inhibitors designed for multiple routes of administration to treat chronic and orphan skin conditions, fibrosis, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease.

Our scientific focus is the role of extracellular GzmB in conditions involving inflammation and tissue injury/damage. Extracellular GzmB actively participates in degradation of key components of the body’s extracellular matrix, which acts as a scaffold for cell binding and provides essential structural integrity for proper function of tissues and organs. Our aim is to advance our initial GzmB inhibitor candidate in tissue injury repair (initially in diabetic ulcers) to clinical development, while working with collaborators to progress additional GzmB inhibitor molecules from our library in other inflammation and age-related diseases.