Michael R. Martin  – Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Business Development at Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mr. Martin is currently Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global Business Development at Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.  He was formerly CEO, director and co-founder of the privately held Aurinia Pharmaceuticls Inc. which was acquired in 2013 by the former Isotechnika Pharma Inc.  In his current role with Aurinia, Mr. Martin is responsible for managing company functions such as corporate and business development, alliance management, and the company’s intellectual property portfolio.  Mr. Martin is a biotech/pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of global industry experience and offers a solid mix of strategic planning, marketing, commercial operations, business development, licensing and people management skills.

Mr. Martin joined Aurinia from Vifor Pharma where he held the position of Director, Global Business Development & Licensing.  Prior to Vifor, Mr. Martin was a key member of the business development team that saw Aspreva sold to Galenica for $915M.  Upon joining Aspreva in 2004, Mr. Martin initiated the strategic launch planning process for CellCept® in “less-common” autoimmune diseases.  These included such indications as Pemphigus Vulgaris, Myasthenia Gravis, and Lupus Nephritis.  Prior thereto, Mr. Martin held a variety of progressively senior commercial positions at Schering-Plough.  Most recently, Mr. Martin has spent time in Europe where he was responsible for the Rheumatology business unit for Remicade® in France.  There, Mr. Martin had full profit and loss responsibilities and had direct responsibility for the sales team, the marketing team and the infusion access team.  In addition, while at Schering-Plough, Mr. Martin was the brand manager responsible for the Canadian launch of Remicade (infliximab), which ultimately became the most successful product launch in Canadian history. Mr. Martin started his career in the industry in the sales organization of Schering-Plough where he received multiple achievement awards.  Mr. Martin is also a member of the Board of Directors of Zucara Therapeutics based out of Toronto Canada.