VANCOUVER, B.C. – October 13, 2015 – A compelling and critical conversation will unfold over a two day period in Vancouver on October 14 – 15, 2015. LifeSciences BC’s ACCESS TO INNOVATION is a conversation that will include thought leaders from health research & innovation, academia, industry and government as well as key individuals in the life science sector from across the country. The conversation is about therapeutic innovation improving healthcare and contributing to British Columbia’s knowledge-based economy.

“The health R&D enterprise in British Columbia continues to develop impressive innovation that significantly impacts the treatment of disease. These innovations are capable of providing better patient outcomes while bending the healthcare cost curve, downward. Through a new dialogue between government and the life sciences community in B.C., we can materially change the contribution of life sciences to patient health and the health care system. ” says Paul Drohan, President & CEO of LifeSciences BC.

Drohan goes on to explain that in B.C. we are particularly fortunate to have a vital triad of medical excellence at play: world class academic & health institutions carrying out research & development initiatives which attract global investment; a life sciences industry sector with passionate entrepreneurs and corporate involvement; supported by a politically-stable government looking improve patient care through innovation.

ACCESS TO INNOVATION provides the forum for this triad to explore ways British Columbia can become a global life sciences bio-cluster. By weaving together medical & scientific innovation, venture capital & government support, we can build a healthcare system that will both improve patient care outcomes and save precious health dollars.
Some of the topics of discussion include: understanding the importance of world-class scientific excellence in creating commercial value; how B.C. compares to other regions nationally and internationally; showcasing world-class B.C. programs that attract international collaboration and interest; implement innovation uptake in B.C.’s healthcare system to benefit British Columbians and save health dollars.

Guest speakers includes: Hon. Dr. Andrew Wilkinson; Hon. Dr. Terry Lake; John Helou, President, Pfizer Canada; Douglas Porter, Chief Economist, BMO; Dr. Jane Aubin, Chief Scientific Officer and VP Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Dr. Martin Dawes, Head, Family Practice Medicine, U.B.C.; Mary Ackenhusen, President & CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health; Dr. Diane Finegood, President & CEO, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research; Dr. Pieter Cullis, Chair & Co-Founder, Personalized Medicine Initiative, along with many more medical innovators and industry leaders.

“We are trying to push the boundaries of possibility in a very exciting time for the life sciences sector in British Columbia. We will continue to support companies while contributing to the community in an effort to create a world-class bio-cluster. Exciting times call for exciting ACCESS TO INNOVATION,” says Drohan.

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About LifeSciences BC
LifeSciences BC is a not-for-profit, non-government, industry association that supports and represents the life sciences community of British Columbia through leadership, facilitation of investment and partnering, advocacy, and promotion of our world-class science and industry.

Life sciences sectors, from biopharmaceuticals and medical technology, to digital health and medical devices, are integrated into our organization and all that we do, ensuring that no life sciences sector is working in isolation — and that all sectors come together in a comprehensive, complementary and coordinated fashion.

Throughout the year, LifeSciences BC undertakes numerous programs and projects in support of these sectors. These include public policy initiatives, facilitating trade missions between global industry and our local organizations, raising the profile of our industry internationally and thus facilitating investment and global partnering opportunities, and helping nurture economic development in British Columbia through the life sciences industry.