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New BC Showcase launched in portal for Canadian clinical research capabilities
Database will help Canada regain its position as a leading competitive nation for clinical trials

June 22, 2015 – Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre

VANCOUVER, BC – British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) June 22, 2015 The Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map (CCTAM), a pan-Canadian database showcasing Canada’s clinical research capacities launched today in partnership with British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN), a brand new, British Columbia-specific clinical trials lens today.

The BC Showcase website highlights the major research institutions within BC and provides in-depth information about clinical research in BC. It includes a search function that is directly linked with the CCTAM allowing for localized listings with powerful results.

The CCTAM will help Canada regain its position as a leading destination for clinical trials in the global marketplace, by providing a comprehensive picture of the breadth and depth of Canada’s clinical research assets.

This dynamic, online database includes details on clinical trial sites, research networks, research ethics boards, institutions/hospitals and individual clinical research experts, and will help advance Canada’s clinical research capabilities. The CCTAM offers tremendous marketing benefits to clinical research organizations and investigators and will allow clinical trial sponsors to place trials effectively and efficiently, reducing clinical trial start-up times.

The CCTAM database is the only pan-Canadian, fully inclusive database that is bilingual, free to use, easy to search, comprehensive and regularly updated.

Quick Facts

• With a growing number of assets, CCTAM already has over 800 database records and the BC Showcase features 144 records

• Clinical trials help develop new, potentially life-saving medications, vaccines and therapies, in addition to supporting Canada’s knowledge-based economy.

• The CCTAM was created in response to the Action Plan to Help Attract More Clinical Trials to Canada and is overseen by the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CCTCC) through extensive participation from the clinical trial community in Canada.

• CCTCC is a partnership between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) and HealthCareCAN.


“The relationship between the BC Showcase and the CCTAM will strengthen the extensive research expertise within British Columbia, and will be a tremendous resource for Clinical Trials across Canada.”   Dr. Robert McMaster, Chair, BCCRIN and Member Advisory Committee, CCTCC

“BCCRIN is pleased to be a partner with CCTAM, recognizing the value of a coordinated strategy for highlighting the tremendous clinical research strengths we have in BC and in Canada. This is good for research sites, sponsors and ultimately for patients.” Heather Harris, Director of Operations, BCCRIN

“This website showcases what the researchers in our province have to offer and highlights the institutions and clinical research sites that support them. If you want to find out why BC is a premier location for your research project, this is the site to visit.”   Alison Orth, Project Manager, BCCRIN

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Heather Harris, BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network
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