Pay CAD instead of USD for custom services and profiling (~30% savings on services)

SignalChem has developed and commercialized over 3000 products that are used to support basic science and clinical research in both the academic and pharmaceutical sectors.

The company’s experience includes the manufacturing of recombinant proteins including protein kinases, antibodies and small molecule inhibitors. SignalChem also offers discovery services to enable drug discovery and development along with biomarker discovery and validation.

As a Canadian controlled corporation, SignalChem will offer its services at par against the US dollar i.e. if a service costs USD$10,000.00, we will make it available to LifeSciences BC members at CDN$10,000.


Contact: Dario Passarini

Email Address:

Contact: 604-232-4600

Make sure you mention you are a LifeSciences BC member to benefit from this offer.