Therapeutics for the Future | Gairdner Global Perspectives Panel

Science World

The future of medicine is here. Recently thrust into the global spotlight after forty years in the making, the tiny bubbles of fat known as lipid nanoparticles are what protects and delivers the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Without them, there would be no mRNA vaccine, let alone one so effective that shocked the scientific community.   […]

2018 Canada Gairdner Public Lecture Series

Science World

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, LifeSciences BC partnered with the Gairdner Foundation and Science World to present: '2018 Canada Gairdner Public Lecture Series: Vancouver presented by TELUS Health'   The event consisted of a public lecture and an interactive exhibitor display showcasing the best of the life sciences industry in British Columbia. Public Lecture: 'Precision […]

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